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New Year’s Eve! Say hello to people Globally Online / Connecticut by 7seconds

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December 31, 2020 @ 6:00 am - January 1, 2021 @ 5:00 am

Let’s start off the new year by greeting people all over the world.

About this Event

Because of covid, 2020 (and maybe 2021) was the year where people felt the loneliest and had the least serendipity. 7seconds is a service launched to solve this problem. Let’s make the first New Year’s Eve event successful and make 2021 a year to connect with people all over the world!

Features of this Event

  • Everything is FREE! People from all over the world will come together to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Come and join us!
  • The rules are simple! Just say “Happy New Year!” to those who are online with a 7-second video chat. In addition, this event is held 24 hours a day, and participation takes just 7 seconds, so you can jump in and join at any time without worrying about the time or changing your original plans! Let’s actively participate in the countdowns of countries all over the world!

Access the following URL and register as a member All for FREE:https://datingtoday.global/7seconds/fastestspeeddating/index01

Event Flow

11:30 PM~

Let’s chill out with others feeling the excitement of the upcoming year! Please make sure you have registered for 7seconds and you can talk with others on it. We highly recommend you to get used to the 7seconds in advance.


11:55 PM~

Are you ready to celebrate the New Year? Post your New Year’s Resolution and wait for the time talking with others!

12:00 AM~

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s share your joy with others!✨

01:00 AM~

If you still have time, and if you are too excited to go to bed yet, how about celebrating the New Year again with people in different countries? You can see when the New Year comes in different countries below. Let’s enjoy the annual festival to the max!

Let’s celebrate the New Year with people ALL OVER THE WORLD!

For this event, major cities around the world will celebrate the New Year with the following schedule. Access the site to enjoy your country’s countdown, but also actively access the New Year’s moments of other countries and connect with people all over the world!

Countdown Schedule

  • Dec 31, 6:00 AM   Auckland
  • Dec 31, 8:00 AM   Sydney
  • Dec 31, 8:30 AM   South Australia
  • Dec 31, 9:00 AM   Guam
  • Dec 31, 10:00 AM   Tokyo, Seoul
  • Dec 31, 11:00 AM   Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Manila, Singapore, Bali
  • Dec 31, 12:00 PM   Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok
  • Dec 31, 1:30 PM   Mumbai
  • Dec 31, 3:00 PM   Dubai
  • Dec 31, 4:00 PM   Moscow, Istanbul, Nairobi
  • Dec 31, 5:00 PM   Athens, Helsinki, Cairo, Johannesburg
  • Dec 31, 6:00 PM   Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Madrid, Lagos
  • Dec 31, 7:00 PM   London
  • Dec 31, 10:00 PM   Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago
  • Jan 1, 12:00 AM   New York, Toronto
  • Jan 1, 1:00 AM   Chicago, Mexico City
  • Jan 1, 2:00 AM   Colorado, Utah, New Mexico
  • Jan 1, 3:00 AM   Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver
  • Jan 1, 4:00 AM   Alaska
  • Jan 1, 5:00 AM   Honolulu (Hawaii)

“Happy New Year” in other languages

Here we collected “Happy New Year” in some languages. By using each local celebration word, you can share the excitement with them!

  • Tau Hou hari!(in MAORI)
  • Akemashite omedetō!(in Japanese)
  • Xīnnián kuàilè![sshin-nyen kwhy-ler](in Chinese)
  • S̄wạs̄dī pī h̄ım̀![Sa was dee pee mai](in Thai)
  • Chúc mừng năm mới [’chuk moon num ‘moy](in Vietnamese)
  • s Novym Godom [s nò-vym gò-dam] (in Russian)
  • Felice anno nuovo![ feh-LEE-chay AHN-noh NWOH-voh](in Italian)
  • Bonne année ![ bɔ.n‿a.ne](in French)
  • Frohes neues Jahr![ˌfʀoːəs ˈnɔɪ̯əs jaːɐ̯](in German)
  • sanah jadiduh saeidah(in Arabic)
  • Feliz Ano Novo![feh-liz an-oh noh-voh](in Portuguese)
  • ¡Feliz año nuevo![feh-leeth ah-nyoh nweh-boh](in Spanish)
  • Hau’oli Makahiki Hou[how-oh-lee mah-kah-hee-kee ho](in Hawaiian)

What is “7seconds”?

“7 seconds” is a brand new service with the concept of “Just Say Hello!”. You can freely enjoy “7 seconds of conversation” with anyone in this dedicated community.

You can see many other people’s posts answering the day’s topic, and you can say hello to the people whose posts appeal to you. Connect with them by sending a request for a 7-second video chat.

After the 7-second chat, if you both like each other, you can exchange contact information to engage more.

Because it’s only 7 seconds, you don’t need to adjust your daily schedule.

Do what you do usually, just stop by when you want to see a friendly face.

Experience the new way of meeting online. All for FREE. What do you have to lose?

Access the following URL and register as a member All for FREE:https://datingtoday.global/7seconds/fastestspeeddating/index01

How to Join

1. Access the following URL and register as a free member:  https://datingtoday.global/7seconds/fastestspeeddating/index01

* Easy registration is possible through Facebook login.

2. After logging in, you will first see the question “What is your new year’s resolution?”. Below it you will find everyone’s answers. Post your answer so you can receive 7-second video chat requests.

3. After that, take your time checking everyone’s posts, and meet people that catch your interest.

4. After each 7-second chat, if both have a good impression of each other, exchange contacts immediately!

5. If someone is interested in your post, you will receive a 7-second chat request. Accept it to say “Happy New Year!!!”



December 31, 2020 @ 6:00 am
January 1, 2021 @ 5:00 am
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