Guilford, CT

This Scavenger History Hunt was created during the Covid-19 pandemic as an outdoor activity for children to safely do with their families, using proper social distancing.  Tourist and residents can also enjoy this activity while learning about Guilford and North Guilford history.  Please be respectful of items listed that are located on private property, by viewing them from the street.

Included: (1) an introduction, (2)  a checklist of items to find, (3) aerial maps, (4) detailed descriptions with audio, photos, and addresses, (5) a quiz, and (6) source information.

Historians from the Guilford Free Library, the Guilford Keeping Society, the Henry Whitfield State Museum, and others have put together this Scavenger History Hunt.

For more detailed information regarding many of the locations please consult A Treasury of Guilford Places, by Joel Helander.

We hope you enjoy the Scavenger History Hunt.